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From Metal Archives: "
On the back of the cover it says: "This demo is meant to be seen as a teaser to what the future holds". And after reading that statement, I must say that I am more then interested to see what we will see from Urkaos in the future. Especially after having heard this demo. Swartadauthuz(Ancient Records, Svartrit, Helgedom etc) handles all the instruments, recording, mixing, mastering and well, everything. And apparently this demo was improvised during August 2011. Which is truly impressive as the demo holds extremly high standards for being a demo, both musically and production wise.

The demo starts of with a sinister and mysterious keyboard driven ambient intro with lots of tormented howls and screams. A dark, eerie and mystic feeling builds up in the atmosphere. And then like a fist in the face the drums comes blasting in with furious, chaotic riffs and screams untop of them. All hell is broken lose. Evil riffs after evil riffs, fanatic vocals sounding like they come out from a real maniac. Great I must say! Ambient pieces is repeated a few times throughout the demo. The ambient pieces and black metal pieces flows perfectly into eachother(ending of VI is simple but perfect in my mind, and a great way to end the demo). Like the reviewer before me said, this helps to strengthen the dark and ominous atmosphere this chaotic album gives you. The atmosphere and sound found on this demo is extremly thick, dark and sinister. Darkness is really the perfect word to describe this demo. Swartadauthuz really handles all the instruments perfect and also shows his talents in the studiodepartment. The musick never goes uninteresting and there is always something new to hear. The riffs seems to be build up in different layers. The guitars always seem to play something of its own at the same time. Like the guitars are competing with eachother during a riff. The only complaints I have about this release is that the vocals can sound a bit to high and with to much reverb/echo on them. It can make them sound a bit off from time to time. The kick drum can get a bit to clicky in the long run too. But being a demo it can be overlooked. The layout is minimalistic but fits the music very well. Actually the back of the LP sleeve looks more like a cover then the front with just the logo. The back has this really dark painting of a swirling black hole that really drags ones eyes into it. Fits the atmosphere of the demo perfect I must say.

Best way to explain this demos sound to someone who havent heard it would be to say it sounds like a mix of Draco Sit Mihi Dux, Psalm II, DMDS and Mystérion Tés Anomias but with its own sound and identity. So fans of quality Orthodox Black Metal should definitely check this out."