Tenebrae In Perpetuum ‎"La Genesi: 2001-2002"




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The genesis of the Bleak Entity TENEBRAE IN PERPETUUM dates back to September 2001 when Atratus and The Darkest Abyss joined forces to create dark, cold and hateful Black Metal. In October 2001, the hymns for the self-produced demo "The Black Flame's Age" were recorded on a four-track recorder and released in a limited edition of 200 tapes. Widely appreciated for its strong obscure aura, the demo received excellent feedback from the underground and culminated, in winter 2001, in an offer from Italian label Serpens Caput Productions to release a 7" EP. In July 2002, “Tenebrae In Perpetuum” 7" EP was released in a limited edition of 500 hand-numbered copies, offering three new anthems dedicated to Eternal Darkness, as well as one from their demo tape. In 2002/2003, new material was written for the first full-length. The Darkest Abyss decided to leave the band and was replaced by Vidharr in the summer of 2003. The new duo started to rehearse and record the new songs. The first full-lengther, "Onori Funebri Rituali", appeared during autumn 2003, again through Italian label Serpens Caput Productions, in a limited edition of 500 copies album on vinyl only. This got an amazing response worldwide and the band receiving many offers from several labels for the print of theyr debut album on CD and in summer 2004 it was re-release through BlackSeed Productions. In 2005 T.I.P. released a split 7” with Horna throught the french Debemur Morti prod., that became the label who will released the next T.I.P. two albums and until their split-up of 2010.