Carrion Mother "Nothing remains" double LP


Gatefold black double vinyl


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On January 18th, 2019, ORDO MCM is proud to present CARRION MOTHER's massive second album, Nothing Remains, on digipack CD and double-vinyl LP formats. It's been six long years of silence since Bavarian doom prophets CARRION MOTHER self-released their debut album, Koronis, in 2012. Since their initial sound-defining voyages through doom, sludge, and ambient soundscapes, the band has taken a step further towards their roots, to the true essence of harsh doom. The result: the starkly titled Nothing Remains. True to that title, Nothing Remains is a crushing elegy resonating from the crypt which explodes with an eerie, prophetic warning of the coming end. In the past four years, CARRION MOTHER have come a far way in polishing their approach in sound, songwriting, and presentation to preach their end-time message. Truly harbingers of DOOM, the CARRION MOTHER of Nothing Remains exudes a stern 'n' austere atmosphere atop foreboding but always moving doom/sludge, all captured in exquisitely ominous clarity courtesy of Rama Recording Studio in Mannheim. As such, Nothing Remains is a declaration of omnipresent devastation and man's restriction to his time, space, and body. And at four epic tracks in 54 minutes, the album conveys an engrossing sense of experience, a totality that will catapult the listener into the realization of his own nullity. Crushed under foot, crushed souls: CARRION MOTHER's Nothing Remains imparts the most nihilistic message of all - literally, nothing else remains.