Unreqvited "Disquiet"


Black LP


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“Disquiet is somber, and many times, stirring. The man behind the project, 鬼, uses hallmark principles of black metal like torrential blast beats and tremolo sparingly. Instead, opting for emphasis on melodies and synthesizers to invoke thoughts of frozen woodlands and a troubled internal state. 鬼's voice rings out with a pained disdain over mental torments, but the refrains that seem to breed hope and resolve wash over the shrieks and screams. Creating, not so much, a theme of perpetual despair, but one of resiliency.”
- www.metalinjection.net

“Unreqvited augments the depressing with the uplifting, similar to Ghost Bath’s haunting nature or Lotus Thief’s greenness. It’s full circle: life to death, birth’s majesty and death’s morose brooding, ever lingering, but ultimately bookending the same story. Disquiet as a whole proceeds in this manner: from “Birth” to “Death” there is a journey of massive peaks and bottomless caves.
Sound-walls mount themselves on steadily upward chord progressions; ambiance germinates from discordant intermissions, saddened and pianistic. Structurally, Unreqvited makes no rush toward any climaxes, but they come as constant surprises. After regaining its strength at artistically strategic locations, Disquiet flexes blastbeat muscle without hyperextending.”
- www.invisibleoranges.com

“The hail of frantic riffs and blistering blast beats provide the perfect canvas for painful, agonising, and nihilistic vocals. Regardless of being lyrically inaudible, the point of ‘Disquiet’ is not to sing along, but to feel its creators’ despair. The harrowing shrieks of the album’s title track cut to your very core and give an extra layer to the loaded instrumentation of the composition.”
- www.punktastic.com

“Unreqvited’s greatest achievement is in the emotional investment, the captivating peril and the satisfying payoff, hammering it’s message home like only the most devastating of metal and bombastic of classical can. “Disquiet” signals the arrival of a peerless auteur in the landscape of modern extreme music.”
- www.riot-nerd.com

“The band’s style of atmospheric black metal is one that paints a canvas of musical diversity with elements of post rock, ambient and of course that majestic atmospheric black metal sound that completely washes over your soul. From the beginning you find yourself locked into this massive sounding world of guitars, synthesizers and drums.”
- rockandmetaltemple.blogspot.ca