Latest news:

Die Sonne Satans "Metaphora" release on bone LP, very limited amount pressed - Video here

Scald "Will of the Gods is a great power" DLP black, limited edition Silver/Red and White/Black out on 30/11/2018 via ORDO MCM A shirt has been pressed too, front/back silver ink. Digital here: BANDCAMP

MZ.412 "In nomine Dei nostri Satanas Luciferi excelsi" DLP black and limited edition marble red out on 11/01/2019 via ANNAPURNA

Kafirun "Eschaton" LP black, few copies pressed on Gold out on 11/01/2019 via CLAVIS SECRETORVM

Due to pressing plant mistake the B side tracks of Scald have swapped. The weight of Scald and MZ.412 is roughly 1 kg/copy, drop a line if you can't find a good postage cost rate.
The pre-orders of Scald will be sent starting from the 15th of November, MZ.412 starting from December, no pre-orders for Kafirun yet.

Pre-orders available at: Ordo MCM shop (Italy) and Concilium shop (Germany)


concilium @ conciliumrec.eu

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